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Walnut kernel

  • Walnut kernel halves
This product contains just halves. The quality of walnut is remarkable by the fact that contains only halves, divided in 3 categories: light, amber, dark amber. It’s packed in 10 kilo white boxes, with or without typing. Vacuum is optional.
  • Walnut kernel mix
This product contains halves and quarters. This variety consists around 80 percent...
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Pumpkin seeds

Our pumpkin seeds are available raw, to maintain nutritional quality, cleaned and packed in 25 kilo sacks. Vacuum is optional. Storage and Guaranteed Shelf Life Storage:
  • Fresh and ventilated warehouse
  • Temperature 50º F (10º C)
  • 56 – 60% relative humidity
  • Free from vectors and plagues
Shelf Life:
  • 1 Year if stored under recommended conditions
  • Hand-cracked
  • Machine-cracked
All products are Larex...
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